Australian Research Council Federation Fellows

The Federation Fellowships are funded under the Australian Research Council's (ARC) National Competitive Grants Program. Federation Fellows are considered to be world-leaders in their chosen fields of research and the program is aimed at attracting some of the world's best research talent as well as offering opportunities for top Australian researchers to continue their work in Australia.

Federation Fellowship holders from our School are:

  • Professor Gerard Milburn, Centre Director at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems
  • Professor Hugh Possingham, Director Ecology Centre Project: Theory for global biodiversity conservation

Australian Academy of Sciences Fellows

  • Professor Gerard Milburn, Director at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems. Year of Election: 1999
  • Professor Hugh Possingham Director The Ecology Centre. Year of Election: 2005
  • Professor Ole Warnaar Chair and Professor of Pure Mathematics School of Mathematics and Physics. Year of Election: 2008
  • Professor Andrew White, Deputy Director at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS) and Program Manager at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computing and Communication Technology (CQC2T). Year of Election: 2013

Australian Research Council Future Fellows

  • Dr Holger Baumgardt, Discipline of Physics. (Project: Advanced computer simulations of star cluster evolution)
  • Associate Professor Anthony Richardson, Discipline of Mathematics. (Project: The resilience of marine ecosystems and fisheries to climate change: exploring adaptation strategies)
  • Dr Tamara Davis, Discipline of Physics. (Project: Dark matter, dark energy, and dark flow: galaxy motion reveals fundamental physics)
  • Dr Karen Kheruntsyan, Discipline of Physics. (Project: Fundamental tests of quantum mechanics with ultracold atomic gases)
  • Dr Murray Olsen, Discipline of Physics. (Project: Manufacturing, controlling, manipulating and measuring continuous-variable quantum entanglement)
  • Dr Ebinazar Namdas, Discipline of Physics. (Project: Organic-inorganic hybrid electronic devices and logic circuits)
  • Associate Professor Michael W Bromley, Discipline of Physics. (Project: A study of ultracold atom interferometry and interactions through high-performance computing)
  • Dr Jorgen Rasmussen, Discipline of Mathematics. (Project: Representation theory of diagram algebras and logarithmic conformal field theory)