Maths, statistics, and physics are fundamental sciences that give students the skills to understand, analyse and influence the world we live in.

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science will have the opportunity to try out a range of sciences before having to declare a major.

Why study maths, stats or physics at UQ?

Learn from the experts

Students undertaking a major in maths, stats or physics will have the opportunity to learn from researchers who are leading the world in new discoveries, technological advances, and helping to inform our politicians and policy makers on key decisions about our state and country's future.

Students in later years will have the opportunity to work alongside our researchers using world-class equipment on real research projects. You could even get your name mentioned in a scientific journal!

Get job-ready!

Our graduates with a Bachelor degree majoring in maths, statistics or physics are highly sought after in the industry as they are trained to have job-ready skills that many other graduates may not possess.

Take on the world!

As soon as you start a major in maths, stats, or physics, we will introduce you to our researchers and students who come from all over the world. This ensures that what you are being taught is truly the world's best current knowledge on maths, stats and physics.

When you graduate, you'll have a degree from an institution that is recognised around the globe. You'll be ready to take on the world!

Want to know more?

View our Maths and Physics Information Session slides to find out more about Maths and Physics at UQ.