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Dr Arkady Fedorov

ARC Future Fellow

I graduated from St. Petersburg State University, Russia with Master Degree in physics in 2001. In 2002 I moved to Clarkson University, USA where I completed my PhD in 2005. My research was primarily focused on theoretical aspects of quantum information science and decoherence in solid state systems. I was then appointed a postdoctoral fellow KIT, Germany working on theory of superconducting quantum circuits in application to quantum computing and circuit quantum electrodynamics. In 2007-2010 I worked in TU Delft, The Netherlands conducting experiments with superconducting flux qubits. Later on I continued investigating superconducting quantum devices in relation to quantum information being a research scientist in ETH Zurich. Starting 2013 I am a group leader at The University of Queensland focusing on experimental study of quantum phenomena in systems consisting of superconducting artificial atoms, microwave resonators and mechanical oscillators.

Located in Building 7 - Room 306
Phone: 53418

Available Projects

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Quantum control and measurement of superconducting quantum circuits

A number of Honors and Summer projects are available in the Quantum Device Laboratory, The University of Queensland. The student will have unique...

Honours Project
Summer Project
Quantum phenomena with superconducting quantum circuits

A number of Master and PhD studentships are available in the Quantum Device Laboratory, The University of Queensland in the area of superconducting quantum circuits. The laboratory aims at developing the next generation of superconducting nanodevices consisting of superconducting qubits or...

PhD Project
Masters Project