Dr Lars Skovgaard Madsen

Lars obtained his Cand. Scient. at the University of Copenhagen 2009 with a thesis on the quantum interface between light and room temperature Cesium atoms.
He continued with a PhD at the Technical University of Denmark 2009/05 with Prof. Ulrik L. Andersen. Here he performed projects exploring Quantum key distribution, characterization of quantum discord and describing the polarization of quantum light.
After his PhD he received a one year Carlsberg travel stipend starting in 2013/04. The project is a collaboration between the two neighboring laboratories of associate Professor Warwick Bowen and Professor Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop. The ambitious project involves setting up an ultra high vacuum system to prepare an ultra cold cloud of atoms, trapping the cold atoms around a tapered fiber and coupling light going through the tapered fiber to a mechanical oscillator. The aim is to explore synergy effects of the hybrid quantum system such as sympathetic cooling of the mechanics.

Located in Building 6 - Room 435
Phone: 53412
Research Interests CV quantum optics, CV Quantum information, Optomechanics, Cold Atoms