PhD Project
Masters Project
Honours Project
Prof Michael Drinkwater
Supervisor: Prof Michael Drinkwater
This project will uncover how unusual the Local Group is by comparing the MW and M31 halos to similar mass systems in the local Universe. By using well understood galaxy groups created as part of the Galaxy And Mass Assembly project (GAMA), we will be able to uncover the mass distribution of galaxies found in different mass groups. We will go further than any previous work by combining these robust groups with fainter imaging data. The combination of both datasets will allow us to determine whether the Local Group is typical or unusual. Putting the Local Group into a cosmological context is vital since many future Galactic archeology surveys assume that it is typical, and can meaningfully inform us about the wider Universe.
The project is a 3-year collaboration between UQ and UWA.
For honours, the project will focus on testing methods to estimate the redshifts of faint galaxies using photometry rather than spectroscopy.
For a Phd, the UQ component of the project will focus on the use of 8-m optical telescope observations to help identify the new galaxy groups. It will involve the planning and analysis of telescope observations as well as the design of new ways to identify small galaxies in distant galaxy groups.